About Interstate Golf Handicaps

Since 1954

The Reitz family has provided innovative golf handicap services to clubs, leagues and individuals nationwide. It all began in 1954 when Certified Golf Handicap was founded by Alvin W. Reitz Sr. No one in the United States had ever organized the collections of golf scores and ratings and then did the tedious job of calculating golf handicaps for clubs. Preprinted score posting sheets, an organized method of making numerous calculations and quick turnaround to clubs was a standard set by the company. Over the last 60 years, innovation after innovation were introduced as a result of listening to our customers:

  • First type set list of members names on Score Posting Sheet
  • First use of mainframe computer to calculate handicaps and produce scores with handicap history for the season.
  • First single page report showing scores, handicap history and differentials on one page.
  • First stand alone PC used at clubs to calculate handicaps.
  • First handicap service to use "easy read keyboards" for score entry at clubs.

These and many other innovations coupled with guaranteed service have made us a leading company in assisting clubs with their handicapping. Now with a new name, and a third generation of Reitz's paying close attention to the business we continue to offer the high quality alternative to national handicap services.